How do I know the price is fair?

Kiva House Buyers uses a comparative market analysis based on other home sales in the area.  We take into account condition of the house, square footage, and necessary cosmetic updates to bring the home to today's market conditions. Our model takes the guesswork out of the property assessment process and is completely transparent to our clients.

What type of properties does Kiva House Buyers purchase?

Kiva House Buyers purchases properties throughout the State of New Mexico.  We buy properties in any condition, in any area, in any price range. It's our mission to create win-win situations for people who need to sell a house, often under such stressful conditions as: the death of a loved one, a divorce, a relocation, a problematic rental property, or even foreclosure. We aim to give peace of mind to our clients.

Do I have to pay fees or commissions?

Absolutely not! We never charge any fees to evaluate, make an offer, and buy your house.

If I give you my information, am I obligated to sell to you?

No! After we evaluate the information that you send us, we make you an offer, and it's totally your choice on whether to accept or reject it! You are not under any obligations. 

Do you keep my information confidential?
Always! Privacy is our priority. All information is kept completely confidential. We will never sell or share your information. If you need a referral to any other Real Estate professional such as a mortgage broker or Realtor, this is always done with your permission.

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